All are welcome to join any of the committees listed below.  Committee members do not need to be official School Council Members.  There is no obligation to attend monthly School Council Meetings.  Participation with a committee can involve single moments or long-term commitments - whatever works for you. Please contact Wendy Bauman if you would like more information about the activities involved.

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Arts - assist with Art Crawl, Music program, and other arts initiatives

Communications - maintain website, blog, and Twitter; write monthly newsletters

Dessert Party - assist with the preparation and delivery of Dessert Party activities

Fundraising - assist with various fundraisers (e.g. magazines, raffle, Elora Labels, Spirit swag)

Greening - upkeep of the Victory playground and gardens

Idea Bucket - collect/prioritize ideas for School Council initiatives to support in the current school year, and plan for upcoming year(s); create the Community Skills Inventory

Lunches - assist with pizza days, sub days, and milk program; investigate other lunch options

PRO Grant - assist with current year's PRO Grant activities; apply for next year's PRO Grant funding