UGDSB Looking for Public Feedback on Proposed Web/Social Media Policy

The UGDSB is in the process of developing a new Website and Social Media Management Policy. And the Board is welcoming input from the public prior to final approval.

You can visit to see the draft (312 Website and Social Media Management Policy). Leave comments online or write to Policy, UGDSB, 500 Victoria Rd. N., Guelph ON N1E 6K2 by March 16, 2017.

Victory needs leaders to keep Enrichment Clusters tradition alive and well

DJing 101: Victory students discovering how to mix music in a 2016 enrichment cluster.

DJing 101: Victory students discovering how to mix music in a 2016 enrichment cluster.

Victory students excel at a variety of subjects – math, French, geography...teddy bear First Aid. While that last one may not be part of the official curriculum, it is one of the many areas explored in Victory’s Enrichment Clusters, a unique extracurricular program offered annually to students between grades one and six.

Teddy bear First Aid, which included a visit to a nearby doctor’s office, proved to be a big hit for the young participants last year. Victory parent Megan Mills volunteered for that particular cluster, something she called “a fantastic experience.”

“The students were so eager and engaged,” she says. “Their enthusiasm for acquiring new skills and novel learning experiences was inspiring.

“They were super keen to share their own stories and clearly loved the hands-on experience of casting and stitching their teddy bears.”

That response from the students is the precise intent of Victory’s Enrichment Clusters – to offer something different, enabling children to be invested, entertained and learn new things.

“Enrichment clusters offer such a rich learning experience for all of our students,” says Victory principal Julie Young. “Last year, it was such a joy to see the level of engagement and the range of skills and activities the students were able to choose from. Students had opportunities to build rockets and pinball machines, create paper flowers and learn how to stitch up their teddy bears, DJ and cook a pasta meal, just to name a few.”

Clusters provide Victory students not only with exciting new skills and experiences but also wonderful memories. Cameron says that he found his pinball machine making cluster to be “cool and different.”

“It was fun,” he says. “We got to create our own pinball game and we got to set it up how we wanted so the ball would move wherever we wanted it to go.”

Maddox has taken part in clusters more than once, including an improv session in 2016 and a board game making class the previous year.

“You got to make your own game, boxes and rules,” he says. “It turned out great. I still play with that game.”

Examples of past clusters include the following:

-       flower making

-       pasta making

-       speaker making

-       pickleball

-       instrument making

-       lyrical writing

-       geocoaching

But one of Victory’s trademark offerings is in jeopardy of being cancelled. Parents and neighbours are still needed to bring their different types of expertise to the table in order to keep the program running.

The deadline to register as a cluster leader is Monday, February 6.

“What a lovely way to have the community come in and share their talents with our students,” says Principal Young.

So share your skills with Victory’s students. Contact Mlle Olivia Vaughan at for information on how to take part.

Review of French Immersion

Excerpt from UGDSB's Planning Department Memo 

The Upper Grand District School Board (UGDSB) strives to increase all students' ability to communicate and interact with growing confidence and proficiency in French

Learning a second language has shown to have a number of benefits to students, including enhancing critical and creative thinking abilities, increasing their understanding of other cultures and providing a career advantage both in Canada and abroad.

The board offers Core French and French Immersion (FI) at the elementary and secondary level.

FI has been offered by the UGDSB for the past 40 years and has seen incredible success, with enrolment increasing steadily each year. The success and popularity of the FI program is not just a local phenomenon, as increasing enrolment is happening across the province and country as well.

With this success, however, comes pressure to manage the sustainability of the program.

The increased growth rate of the FI program in the UGDSB has led to significant pressure accommodating students, multiple boundary reviews, and difficulty hiring enough qualified teachers. It has also resulted in increased transportation costs and managing equity of access and opportunities to all UGDSB students.

To address these pressures, the board created a French Review Committee to develop and evaluate options to help mitigate and manage these issues and ensure the sustainability of all English and FI track programs. Trustees endorsed the formation of the committee on January 13, 2015. The Terms of Reference for the French Review Committee were approved by the Board on March 31, 2015.

The committee's aim was to generate a range of recommendations by December 31, 2015, to the board for consideration.

When selecting committee members, every effort was made to ensure there is equitable representation of the board's geographic diversity. Members include parents, trustees, principals and teachers, board staff, Superintendents of Education, and union presidents.

The committee met a number of times to review and analyze data on enrolment trends, funding, staff hiring, instructional strategies and more. 

The French Review Committee also asked for parents' input. Parents and guardians were invited to complete a short, confidential survey, sharing their thoughts on French Language instruction within UGDSB schools. Survey results formed part of the French Review Committee's final report, and a summary of responses can be found here.


More information including Public Meetings Click Here

Share your thoughts on Enrolment Caps via this petition


Help define Athletics at VPS!

Dear Victory parents and caregivers,

Student council is looking for volunteers to lead an athletics budget initiative starting a.s.a.p.  

Are you interested in working on a committee to make the best recommendation for our now-secure athletic program and equipment budget? Council is looking for people like you to find out what students need most and how to make the best impact on the health and athleticism of our students. Please contact and let us know you can help! Quick turnaround.

This is strictly a project committee with one goal and there is no commitment to joining council. All we need is someone to co-ordinate or be part of a team that represents teachers, students and each other to come up with a recommendation on how to spend our budget. We are looking for a recommendation to happen by March break. Then the it will be approved by council and we will buy whatever equipment and/or programming you've come up with. 

Please contact today! 

Soirée Wednesday Feb 3rd!

Parents, put on your tuques and snowpants and bring your children to Victory P.S.'s first Carnaval Soirée!

Bring lanterns, bring flashlights.  Bring a thermos of hot chocolate.  Let's brighten the evening of Wednesday, Feb. 3d!   Listen to music, catch up with friends, and try a few of our outdoor Carnaval activities!  There will be snowshoes, shlockey, yule log carrying races, human dog sled pull, a game of snow soccer in the park, and more! 

The time is 5:30 - 6:30pm.

Hope to see all of our school community there!



2) two hot chocolate servers

4) two people to help put on snowshoes

5)  one person to run curling

6) one or two people to watch over equipment in park



2016/2017 School Calendar Feedback by Jan 23

The UGDSB calendar committee is looking for parent feedback on the 2016/2017 school calendar.  Please take a moment to consider the following and send your feedback to Kay at by Saturday January 23.  We will discuss the feedback at the PIC meeting on Monday January 25.


 The committee is proposing the winter break be:

Last day of school: Friday, December 23, 2016
- No school from December 24, 2016 - January 8, 2017
- Students returning to school on Monday, January 9, 2017


This is a modification of the Ministry’s proposal of:

- Last day of school Friday, December 16, 2016
- No school from December 17, 2016 - January 1, 2017
- Students returning to school Monday, January 2, 2017



In addition, the committee is responsible for the placement of the PD days during the year.  Next year will include an additional PD day.  

The dates being considered for the additional PD day are: September 23September 30October 7th.

Again, please send feedback to Kay at by Saturday January 23.

Thank you.

Handouts from Enrichment Clusters 2015

Pizza Organizer Needed ASAP... Puleeeeeze!

We continue to ask for someone to volunteer as the organizer of Pizza Days for the next school year.  The position starts this month, shadowing our current Pizza Organizer during the upcoming (and final) pizza selection process for this school year. For 2015-2016, we are hoping that pizza selection will be done online, but we still need someone to run this program.

Pizza brings in about 18% of our budget, so this is important!  If we don't have a volunteer, then there will be no pizza program, and School Council will not be able to fund as many resources and educational experiences for our kids.  PLEASE CONSIDER TAKING THIS ON. Invite a friend to join you...

February Clubs

Mrs. Ferris' "Green Team" club has been running for the past few months and did a wonderful job completing Victory's Waste Audit last month. 

Kindergarten Dance Club has also been running every Wednesday during second break. All Kindergartens are welcome.

Mrs. Harding is starting a Craft Club for Primary students with the help of several junior student volunteers.

Choir continues to take place on Tuesday mornings for Kindergarten to Grade 6 students.

Please listen to morning announcements for all club meeting reminders!

Gently used floor hockey goalie equipment needed

Phys Ed Teacher Jude Fletcher is looking for gently used goalie equipment for floor hockey which will be starting around February.  Specifically, Jude is looking for 2 sets of goalie pads, 2 sets of blocker/trapper (goalie gloves) and 2 road hockey goalie masks. He would be willing to answer any questions if people are unsure of what is appropriate equipment. (  Thank you!